Learning English in Fun Ways! | 英语强化学习:谁说只能死记硬背?

  What is the EIP and why do we have it?


  As a part of the commitment of YCIS to meet the needs of all learners, the Lower Secondary English Intensive Program (EIP) has been established to provide additional support and instruction to students still developing their English language skills.


  What is the goal of EIP?


  The goal is to create a solid foundation in the major skill areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking so that they will be successful in all other secondary subjects.


  What topics do the students studying this class?


  This class incorporates many fun and practical activities on a variety of topics to engage students in the learning process. Last semester’s topics included school life, family, places around town, basic geography, shopping, and travel. As a part of our most recent unit called, “Talking about Food,” students took part in a kitchen design competition, created aunique restaurant menu, did cooking shows, an55期是天肖还是地肖2019年d this week we went to a local supermarket on an English Language Scavenger Hunt. Students searched for items around the supermarket and did role plays using words and phrases we are learning! This year’s EIP class also displayed their teamwork and diligence by winning the Lower Secondary May English Competition and enjoyed apizza party as the prize.

  英语加强班的课程结合各种有趣的实践活动和丰富的主题,让学生参与到学习过程中。本学期的学习主题包括学校生活、家庭、城镇周围的地方、地理知识、购物和旅游。最近的主题为“食物”,学生们参加了厨房设计比赛,设计菜单,烹饪美食,并前往超市完成英文寻宝活动。学生们在超市内寻找指定物品,并使用正在学习的单词和词语进行角色扮演。 本学年学生们展示出他们的团结合作精神,刻苦学习,赢得了5月份的初中英语比赛和披萨大餐作为奖励。

  How long do students remain in EIP?


  Students enter this program as beginners, and within asemester or two, they graduate from the program having become confident andcompetent English learners.


  A few words from our EIP students!


  Year 7 William Wei

  “My favorite month in EIP is the May Challenge, because we can learn many ways to read,write and practice vocabulary.”



  Year 8 Jessica (Jiang Jia Yi)

  “One of my favorite things about EIP is drama because I can learn many stories. I like to act out a story with friends so I can practice my speaking. I also can learn many useful words”



  Year 8 William (Yao Bo Yuan)

  “In EIP class, we won the English competition, then we got to eat pizza and lots of snacks. I think EIP is very helpful because it canhelp me improve my English in fun ways.”



  Year 9: Helen (Fei Mingqi)

  Today we used a different way to study new words about food—we went to the supermarket to take pictures of the food we need to learnand have conversation. That was really fun. In EIP class, we have many kinds of Interesting activities which enable us to lear18年35期开什么马n English knowledge in different ways. One of my favorite things about EIP is learning new words in the form of games. I think EIP is very helpful because EIP can improve our writing,reading, listening and speaking comprehensively.



  Playing a game to practice English speaking.


  Snapshots of EIP student final performance of humorous monologues.


  May English Challenge winners’ pizza party.


  English supermarket scavenger hunt.


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